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Grimee White Bitchez, think yo shitz good enough's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Grimee White Bitchez, think yo shitz good enough

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(7 think they're grimee. are you grimee? )

[(* ♠ 08.24. 2005 ¤ 6:10AM♠*)]

what is this shit? shizzlenetz pizzle nizzle piss
your community's abandoned. i don't think i wanna do this
i think it'd be fair if you wouldn't stop carin'
this shit is arid, but i'm the one who dare did

it'd be so chill (like the icees) to see some blood spill
my heart is always open?
nobody wants me, i need to be killed!

ok muthanukkas, where am i going with this?
this place has one mod, what happened to that jerkoff broad?
i have to admit, she makes me wanna jerk it
yeah i'm a bulldyke, and i know how to work it

(are you grimee? )

raps from tonight [(* ♠ 07.11. 2005 ¤ 11:59PM♠*)]

look at ya girl big berna,
she is the steady blunt burna
wat she doin, sittin here cheifin
got the munchies so she finna start eatin
soma dem m and m's
ya girl sittin here chillin n
smokin on dat mufuckin blunt,
doin nothin but pimpin
fuck yawl stupid ass cunts
big berna is mos def the hottest around
doin it big, doin it nasty
rhymes so sick, voice so raspy

^^^to da beat of okay remix by nivea

what ya thinkin talkin shit to me
im that bout it ass bitch named big b
berna so fly niggas is steady hatin
cryin to they mama cuz its me they wish they was datin
girls stay jealous 24/7
cuz biggie's the closest thing to heaven

look at ya girl berna comin so hard yo, lookin so tuff no one can hurt'er Oh!
lil bitch throwin bows like no otha, u might catch on in da shoulda
fight me like a bitch, ill knock ya ass out ha get ya wig split
fuck a gotdamn gat, listen punk i dont use no mufuckin straps,
ima bout it ass hoe ill fight one on two, that ain enuff nigga bring yo crew
shit im so rough i look for fights, from da crack a dawn to da break of daylight
i want everything so from u i will take, wanna get loud ho dont make a mistake
nigga pick up a bottle ill fight dirty, smash ya face in til it is hurting
bring it nigga i only use fists, even when u throwin me bricks
ya punches dont phase me, run a way hoe cry like a baby
you ain been startin nothin but drama, when it all comes down u run to ya momma
berna's a thrasher, da hoes hardcore, still talkin shit, do ya want more
biggie so crazy she can go all day, but shed ratha get back to smokin on hay

blunts so sticky, n oh too gooey
we goin to the cut, bust a u-ey
smokin on dat green, all day long
i only smoke blunts, fuck dat bong
berna stay pearlin, smoke in da air steadily twirlin
drivin on a one lane road, farm seeds jus got sowed
everyday i use da same road, jus to see da seeds grow
so much smoke in da car, blunts so fat u betta drive far
no cops in sight for ova an hour, swisher is sweet but candy is sour
we goin ova da train track, my car is custom, its gotta blunt rack
my blunt is safe in any condition, starin at me like u was wishin
so many people wanna be me, i know its hard to believe

my bad yawl i was bored

(4 think they're grimee. are you grimee? )

[(* ♠ 07.02. 2005 ¤ 2:01PM♠*)]


<b>1. NAME/ AGE/ HOOD: Berna 18, Reppin Decatur da 217 baybee</b>
<b>2. NICKNAME?: Burn A B, Biggie Drawlz, Dubble Bubblez, Itzberna</b>

aiight so dis first one is one i had saved on my computer i think i may have posted it ina old journal entry but whateva.

so my name is berna aka dubble bubblez, 

and my shits so sick, its like barney without the rubble

steady bringin nothing but trouble

my rhymes got ya shakin, leavin ya legs fulla stubble

im straight up unstoppable like the taliban

my flows come so often, my throats got callouses man

ima white ass bitch, pale as fuck i need a tan

these rhymes got u sweatin, u need deodarent... here try some ban

rhymes go together so illogically

but im packin these hits with shit philosophically

my words slicin yo shit hostilly

i still dont see why these bitches is jockin me

dubble bubblez is bringin these cutz full of infection

and now lil loony knows the feelin of rejection

maybe ill make a group full of biters, its like natral selection

im killin these hoes without exception

lil loony ya mom shoulda used some birth control

because of u bitch, im now on a roll

u tryna be on top? hoe u just missed the goal

pray to the lord, that he can save ur soul

loony ya name is right but u ain got no tune

ya just makin yaself look like a goon

lemme get a needle and pop ya titty.. its just an air balloon

my albums comin out, its finna be soon

ima bounce cuz i just tore u up like razor blades

this rap shit is like simple sharades

yal cant stop me cuz im doin it my way

ill hit cha'll up later, im finna go blaze


and this one is one offa msn messanger, ill send u the whole convo if u want.

so u gunna beat my ass, shit u couldnt touch me dog. ur a crazy ass kid u should be playin leap frog. my rappin skills are above em all. but look here son, u rappin is like peewee playin b-ball. go back to ya roots and play on the computa.. or back to writin ur xmas list- MOM BUY ME A razor SCOOTA. my rhymes so ill compare me to buddha. my titties jus right i should be at hootaz. so compare me to mike jones. ur like a skeleton without bones. do this shit from ya head n make it decent. cuz then whack ass rhymes u spittin ain recent. if u gotta write rhymes 2 hours early n they still a hot mess. u betta start copyin cuz u talkin to tha best. my names big berna dont u know. and im about to spit this mutherfuckin flow. my shits on fiya 10times hotta then u,  dude u didnt jus suck u also blew. ya rhymes so lame ill call em ricki lake. either that or else theyre just too fake. im rollin up this blunt so i can start to bake. so stop rhymin now, please fa heaven's sake

<b>4. REPRESENT grimeewhitegrlz in 2 communities/journals:</b>

You say u a trashy thrasher but baby ya just too classy,

girl maybe u are a jerkoff, cuz ya look kinda sassy,

and whats up with rabbiteen, maybe a mix of trix n ovaltine

a lil fruity but still healthy n rich, baby u ain never a bitch

but i got one question, how is yall the queens, if i jus came to this scene

yall was missin one thing, big berna, the true freestyle queen</b>


AY DAT WAS LAME I ADMIT, but u said i had to shout out or whatever and yall got some crazy ass names lol
<b>6. Post atleast 2 pictures of yo'self:



(are you grimee? )

[(* ♠ 07.02. 2005 ¤ 2:16PM♠*)]

i ammm sooo high
heres one for you:
im here with the blasphemaa hustla
im a fuckin cherry poppaa
your rhymes keep getting whacka
im just another youngsta
im a pranksta
ill trick ya
ill slice you with a raza
im a mad grimey gangsta
im a silly white rhymsta

representin all the bitchez in tha 352
these fuckas are soon gunna breakthrough
bitches round here are fuckin ewwweee
but you know that, thats just how we dooo
watch out or ill fuckin slap you
with my small titties ill fuckin whack you
i aint scared of your fuckin newphew
his hair stinks and he needs some scented shampoo
i make boys spew, they all need a fuckin tissue

these bitches dont fuckin want this
i am the motha fuckin princess
ill bring out the fuckin remix
i got all of my fuckin sidekicks
theyre all fuckin psychics
now lets get to the basics
ill tear up your cervix
ill beat you with drumsticks
while listening to the skeptix
you need hooked on phonics
youre just anotha gimmic
you think your shit is epic
but hey listen check it
my rhymes need a permit
you need to fuckin commit
to be as fuckin sick
to have so much wit
let me tell you this
i am the fuckin bliss

(are you grimee? )

[(* ♠ 07.01. 2005 ¤ 4:15PM♠*)]

all you spit is bullshit, try to mess with this but i'm legit. doin cartwheels, spinnin in my high heels. bustin bitches while bustin my rhyme - kickin yo ass before bedtime. she's nonstop badnews, givin you the screws. stupid guy thinkin you supafly. all the bitches think yo shits played, shuttup or i'll fuck you with my switchblade. don't wanna argue, j-money reppin the 508 crew, spit this shit and fuck yo shit up too!


(are you grimee? )

[(* ♠ 07.01. 2005 ¤ 12:23PM♠*)]



(1 think they're grimee. are you grimee? )

[(* ♠ 06.30. 2005 ¤ 4:05PM♠*)]


2005-06-30 05:43 (link) Select

posting this "whitegirl" bull shit like ya got sumthin ta prove
i jus read ova a couple in ya shit, ya got nuthin ta do
so ya discrase tha face of this rap game
ya can't bear tha shame, so change ya name/
ya identity, u ain't commitin felonies
bitch please, ya nuthin but an enemy
to hip hop, so now this shit stops
ya flip flop, bitch now who shit hot?/
u catch blood clots beyond drainage, this makin u famous
u didn't need to post up that highly whack grimey to get aimed wit
i mean aimed at, nigga, ur game whack. ur lame ass
ya brain splats when ur gay raps get said at a place that/
is dedicated to real shit, we don't feel this
shit that u tryin to pull wit, u fuckin foolish
that shit u spittin aint even real fuckin music
now i lose it for no apperant reason, u stupid/
thinkin u can get recognized, but now u gettin hopsitalized
ur eyes get pluck out, and u roasted alive
this is enuff shit, i've put too much effort in killin u
ur community aint shit, and it's a shame that it's killin u/
(Reply to this)(Thread)

2005-06-30 19:42 (link) Select

Bitch you dont know who you be messin wit
352 bitches, yeah thats right we reppin it
kick your ass make ya shit split
we dont need a fucking building permit
cmon now, dont have a fuckin bitch fit
ill rape your motha and brotha
ill fucking make you smotha
we'll beat your ass one after anotha
Watch out bitch, im the fuckin queen motha/
im best friends with tha master of fuck thunda
ill make ya family fuckin plunda
ill dig you 6 feet unda!

Shut the fuck up you dont know what choo doooiin
us white girls be fucking spewin
all this bitches read that shit and are booin
you aint got no game and yo shits lame
you aint even got no one to blame
i got this fuckin ill fame
ill put yo ass to shame
im in the fucking hall of fame
i kicked o ass in this war game
its a pure bloody shame
shut up and go play your video games


(2 think they're grimee. are you grimee? )

REPERSENTIN THE 301 [(* ♠ 06.30. 2005 ¤ 1:03PM♠*)]

1. NAME/ AGE/ HOOD:Norrra
2. NICKNAME?:Da real Noreaga
3. GIVE US 2 OR MORE OF YO BEST RAPS:Listen all the bitches who think they hott
I'm here to tell you that you not
Tryin to fuck with my shit
But you can't hit
So listen motherfucker

I got a blunt in my hand
And a license to kill
I got a dude to give me sex
And some girls to help me get ill
I don't take no drama
Don't make no drama
And I'll shoot ya in the face if you don't chill

4. REPRESENT grimeewhitegrlz in 2 communities/journals:k
1-in lords of unholy thunder
2-in my info

6. Post atleast 2 pictures of yo'self:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(6 think they're grimee. are you grimee? )

[(* ♠ 06.28. 2005 ¤ 6:05PM♠*)]

ya'll bitch ass hoes bes be fillin out applications right soon or tha fukin nihilator will bust a cap in yo crown, shii.

(are you grimee? )

YO MOD. [(* ♠ 06.28. 2005 ¤ 12:59PM♠*)]

Bitchez here you rap and freestyle
Put yo' best effort in and make it worthwhile
And if you scared get the fuck out of here
we grimee white bitches, this shits severe!

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